Our Values

Spin works with cities and communities to make the future of urban mobility a reality.



  • In order to build a transportation system that works for everyone, we believe in working with everyone. Spin is committed to building meaningful partnerships with civic leaders, government agencies, non-profits, and local businesses throughout the cities we serve.
  • We want to collaborate with cities and city leaders who share our vision of more affordable, sustainable, and equitable means of shared mobility to achieve our shared goals.


  • Spin is responsive to local concerns and needs by maintaining regular communication with city officials and citizens and by providing easy ways of reporting any issues or questions.


  • Spin is committed to hiring locally to build our local operations teams.
  • We partner with local organizations to sponsor events and programs to encourage the growth of local bicycling communities.


  • We launched the Spin Cities Project to allocate a portion of Spin’s local ride revenue toward local bike safety and infrastructure programs. The Spin Cities Project is led by local advisory councils drawn from public- and private-sector leaders in each of Spin’s cities.