Spin Unlimited

$29 per month or $99 per year.

Unlimited 30 minute rides.

The Spin Unlimited membership gives you the freedom to explore your city. Whether it's ducking into a coffee shop across town for an afternoon of reading, or spontaneously join friends at the park, Spin Unlimited provides an accessible, affordable transportation option for you to get where you want to go.


1. Sign up on our app


2. Activate Spin Unlimited


3. Ride away

Join the Spin Unlimited waitlist.

Jump the line, as we roll it out to our riders

Boring Fine Print

If your ride lasts longer than 30 minutes, you'll get charged at the standard $1/30min after the first half an hour.

Any credits you have will go to pay down those long, over 30 minute, rides.

Available in Seattle, the Bay Area, and Washington DC.